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Digital Alumni

Digital is now everywhere and increasingly integrated. Our passion is building more meaningful relationships between people and the brands, products and services around them – bridging the gap between internal digital behaviours and our clients audiences.


Our spirit is entrepreneurial and we get involved in working with new start ups and the ideas that come from unbridled opportunity to create real value for people leveraging technology. By being able to draw on real world innovation we love sharing this entrepreneurial spirit with our clients.


We work in partnership with our clients and a broad network of specialist skills, knowledge and experience. New and improved strategic directions involve people coming together and sharing both the planning and the journey. There’s nothing better than feeling like we’re all in it together.

Itchy to improve

Debriefing, iterative improvement, confronting the brutal facts that nothing is perfect and a humble recognition that we can all always be better. Our client relations, projects and plans are always a work in progress and created with plenty of agility. We actively prompt constant improvement.

Centred on Value

Value at Atmosphere is about listening first, we take the time to understand our clients needs and how we can best work in partnership to create valuable exchanges of time that result in return. This return is why we are here, helping our clients and the people that we work with create better business.


There’s so much going on out there at the moment. We are constantly curious and looking for what is just over the horizon, what’s next and what matters. Exploring new opportunities also means we filter out a bunch of the noise so that we can surface the right opportunities relevant for our clients.

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