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Are you prepared for HR’s role in new ways of working that drive digital transformation?

Business leaders are in sharper focus as to the need for providing more answers, to consume greater amounts of data, and to respond to more and varied sources of questioning as to how they will continue to drive performance.

Ways of working are changing, fast. The higher expectations of the digitally enabled employee creates the demand for new approaches to shaping the employee experience.

Future proofing based on technology is not enough anymore. You will never reach the horizon. It must be based on cultural future proofing to adapt the organisation for adoption.

People leaders are ideally placed to drive the agenda for creating efficient, innovative and collaborative cultures in response to;

  • Rising staff costs
  • Inefficient structures
  • Lack of innovation
  • Difficulty attracting & retaining talent
  • Lack of agility
  • Demand for flexible working
  • Desire for a digital workplace

Business-as-usual is not an option; HR is critical as the stewards of culture and representatives of the people, as an organisation undertakes a digital transformation journey. HR transformation involves digital platforms and tools that provide for expedient knowledge sharing and rich connectivity across teams, creating ample opportunity to connect your people and value meaningfully with your customers.

IT investment often fails to deliver. Intranets broadcast, cloud solutions are an expected minimum and often underwhelms, sharepoint baffles, actionable insight is lacking despite new data, social is purely social – not yet a core way of doing business. Where is the ROI?

Benefitting from technology is as much about behaviours and culture as it is technical capabilities. New ways of working enable your talent to engage and deliver at higher levels than ever before, involving, co-creating and unlocking creativity to accelerate growth. It’s the business that can move with agility that will outperform the market.

Whilst facilitated by technology, culture changes the power of tools; the real transformation is of your people, not your technology.

Let us simplify your organisation’s path to transformation.

We believe that work should be engaging, fulfilling, motivating and a worthwhile experience. Organisations that effectively embrace digital are unlocking potential within their people. After all, as a people leader, if your people are engaged, you are succeeding.

Atmosphere helps businesses adopt new ways of working to achieve effective cultures that accelerate growth into a more digitally connected future. More innovative, more digital, more human.

Get in touch to discuss the impact change is having on your people and your plans to have your organisation rise to the new demands placed on talent in a digital and accelerating world. Or join us at one of our events to explore what new ways of working can do for your business.

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