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5 ways your HR strategy can allow technology deployments to fail

12 June, 2017
The average IT project budget overrun is 45%, with the total overspend coming in at an eye-watering $66 billion. That’s more than the GDP of Luxembourg..

Why a digital change program is hard… and how to make sure it succeeds

26 May, 2017
Any successful digital change program demands one of the biggest organisational challenges - change. And people don’t like change.

Why you’re wasting time with digital transformation

12 May, 2017
We believe that positive change to move an organisation forward is catalysed by a shared belief in why change is necessary, informed by meaningful insight.

Preparing HR for change

08 May, 2017
The changes which organisations face over the coming years will be unprecedented, primarily due to how the world is transforming digitally. Is HR prepared?

Technology and people strategy

05 January, 2017
People leaders should be seeking ways for technology to better serve the people strategy and reduce or remove as many perceived layers as possible.

Atmosphere partner Hoozin

05 January, 2017
Introducing Atmosphere technology delivery partner, Hoozin.

Designing the workplace for your future

03 January, 2017
Relationships are built through time and exchange of information. Your working environment needs to facilitate human interaction, in a relevant and meaningful way according to the needs of your customers and employees.

How do you become the best UK Association

23 November, 2016
For this guest blog we are privileged to be able to share insight from Lindsay Melvin. Lindsay Melvin, previously the CEO at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (the CIPP), led the organisation to be voted the best UK association

Future of Law Firms: Leveraging Digital Disruption

17 November, 2016
Never before has the label ‘traditional’ been more limiting than for the law firm in today’s digitally accelerated climate. Digital disruption hits swift and it hits hard. No stone is left unturned, from the business model itself, to business processes,

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