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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Digital business strategy and digital transformation
"I highly value the constructive challenge that Atmosphere bring to the table, the actionable insights, and their robust approach to digital transformation. Equally comfortable clarifying at c suite as well as activating change agents throughout our business, we have benefited from their breadth of experience and intellect as applied to our desire to engage better internally and externally. Whilst the CIPDs journey of digital transformation is ongoing I can credit a decent part of our own success to date to Atmosphere and would wholly recommend them to any organisation looking to undergo a program of digital transformation."

Laura Harrison, Director of Strategy, CIPD


NutriCentre (a Tesco business)

Ecommerce and digital transformation
"Atmosphere set the bar for our digital opportunity, supporting the team and I to create a compelling vision and clear roadmap to succeed in health and nutrition. Integrating closely with our internal teams and operating as a true partner they achieved hugely fast delivery in a fast moving market whilst creating a digital first culture enabling us to increasingly do it ourselves. Smart, motivated, effective and highly recommended"

Jessica Frame, CEO, NutriCentre (a Tesco business)


Castrol Innoventures

Innovation & new ideas
"A great mix of passion, fun and commitment whilst ensuring clarity on what needs to be delivered. This ensured an excellent result"

Neal Taylor, Programme Manager, Castrol Innoventures

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Last Second Tickets

Executive production and digital leadership
"Atmosphere were instrumental in setting this project up to meet our objectives and then managing a range of moving parts to make it happen. If you need digital strategy actioned call them"

Craig Massey, CEO, Last Second Tickets


Innovation and new ideas
"Atmosphere created a brilliant program of activity that helped us think differently. They partnered with us to create plans, testing them and refining them along the way. Entering into a new market is always tough, Atmosphere helped us cut through and gave us ample food for thought so that together we had a clear plan and way forward."

Christoph Feichtenschlager, Head of Product Innovation, Swarovski


Bupa International

Digital strategy and transformation
"Atmosphere shapes strategy and gives clarity in the digital landscape, I swear they see shapes where the rest of us only see fog!"

Muriel Lotto, Marketing Director, Bupa International


Targus EMEA

Ecommerce Strategy and digital transformation
"Atmosphere were bought in to help us look at what the impact of consumers increasingly buying and purchasing our products online would likely have for the future of our business. By helping us understand the shape and nature of a more digitally enabled business via a cohesive ecommerce strategy they were instrumental in helping us improve our digital footprint"

John Savage, MD, Targus EMEA

White Cloud Capital

Digital Strategy and Product Development
"Atmosphere are the ideal partner to lead digital product. We’ve collaborated closely on the strategy and launch of portfolio companies. Atmosphere have great ideas, the team are a delight to work with, they know their stuff and make things happen "

Isabel Fox, Head of Venture Capital, White Cloud Capital



Future visioning
"We engaged with Atmosphere at a time where we were looking to challenge our thinking and try some different approaches informing our business planning cycle. They did that more than ably and we had brilliant engagement across our senior leadership team that inspired us in ways we had not thought of previously."

Steve Scown, Chief Executive, Dimensions


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Innovation and new ideas
"An highly engaging and thought provoking session that really challenged us to think outside of the norm and fostered more innovative approaches to our work and services"

Elaine Williams, Listening into Action Lead, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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