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“Great new insights and shared learning through discussion.”
Marijke Cazemier, Strategic People Director, Inmarsat
“Presenter was fantastic! Engaging & knew when to drive the discussion.”
Tom Prichard – Business Development, hibob HR

Tailored to you and your organisation so you can better understand how to prepare for the changing world of work.


1) Are you prepared for the future of work, or will it catch you by surprise?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions that will allow us to come to know you better and shape the explorer:

  • How well do you understand the impact of demographic shifts in the workplace?
  • Are you confident that you can attract and retain millennial talent to your business?
  • Does an increasingly intergenerational workforce present an opportunity or a management challenge?
  • Are your people enabled through digital in the to work in more efficient and faster ways?
  • Is flexible working important to your people? How are you responding to this?
  • Does the workplace environment encourage or hamper collaboration and community?

2) Atmosphere’s Future of Work Session

Over a day long workshop we will:

  • Inspire with examples of industry leaders including engagement, workplace flexibility, workplace design, and internal communication
  • Workshop the examples to identify initiatives to apply to your own business
  • Inform with strategies to manage an increasingly intergenerational workforce
  • Map the strengths and weaknesses of your current workplace culture
  • Explore a possible future employe experience for your company
  • Create a high level plan to further identify areas of opportunity within your business, with suggested first steps

The experience will:

  • Be immersive, exciting and engaging
  • Deliver insight and create space for you to think
  • Leave you with a stack of ideas for the future of your business

With tangible benefits

  • Line of sight to the changes impacting the world of work
  • Understanding of which levers to pull and expected results to target
  • Become front footed in your attitude to change in the workplace with a place to start

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