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“Atmosphere enabled a team within the ICE become energised, focused and more productive by facilitating a strategic vision development programme. The challenge they provided, pace in the sessions, and structure enabled us to see where we needed to put our efforts and, most importantly, how best to think and act collectively.
We have used the programme as part of a wider culture change initiative and I am seeing a team that works better; focused, energised and really transforming into a powerful delivery group.”
Nathan Baker, Director of Engineering Knowledge,
The Institution of Civil Engineers

Tailored to you and your organisation so you can better understand the opportunities for you and your organisation along the digital transformation journey:


1) What keeps you awake at night?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions that will allow us to come to know you better and shape the explorer:

  • Where do the majority of digital skills and activities live within your organisation?
  • How well equipped are your senior team to lead your organisation into a more digital future?
  • How well do you know your customer and their digital behaviours?
  • Does data led insight lead regular improvement for you and your organisation?
  • Does your strategy include digital or does digital exist as a separate strategy? Or not at all?

2) Atmosphere’s Digital Transformation Explorer Workshop

Over a day long workshop we will:

  • Involve you in exploring and assessing the opportunities present for you and your organisation in digital
  • Look around at some of the challenging market entrants and what a selection of competitors are doing that we can learn from
  • Inspire you with insight around digital opportunity and create the space for fresh thinking
  • Assess some quick wins
  • Arm you with a selection of tools and frameworks with which to act
  • Map out a high level plan and next steps

The experience will:

  • Be immersive, exciting and engaging
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Accelerate your thinking towards the cutting edge for your market

With tangible benefits

  • Surfacing new opportunities in digital transformation you can act on
  • Providing an understanding of the market and how you can succeed moving forward
  • Actionable view on the talent required to be digitally robust for the future
  • Strategic Clarity and an actionable framework to make critical choices

Resulting In

A clear high level and in the room view of where the new opportunities are in digital transformation, tailored to you, your market, audience and context. And a plan of action to go for these opportunities to realise the discovered gains.

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