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“Great discussion. Nice not to be overly constrained by the digital element and to explore its place in wider system”
Rob Yeldham, Director of Strategy, Policy & Engagement
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Tailored to you and your organisation so you can better equip to lead the digital transformation journey


1) What keeps you awake at night?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions to understand your pain points and to set your priorities for the workshop. For example:

  • Where do the majority of digital skills and activity live in your organisation?
  • How well equipped are your senior teams to lead your organisation into a more digital future?
  • How well do you know your customer and their digital behaviours?
  • Do you get regular improvements from data-led insights for you and your customers?
  • How can you (re-)structure for agility and regular improvement to protect against disruption and new digital market entrants?
  • Do you get enough return on information technology investments for your people?
  • How can you accelerate change to keep up with the pace of digital?

2) Atmosphere’s Digital Leadership Workshop

Over a day long workshop we will:

  • Inspire you with insight around digital opportunity and create the space for fresh thinking
  • Assess and develop the skills required for your business to realise digital potential, promote agility, leverage technology and protect against the risks inherent in the digital revolution
  • Facilitate a candid view of current capability and comfort level with disruption
  • Try out new tools in order to help you reach strategic clarity
  • Advise you on attracting and recruiting digital talent and how to support your digital catalysts to build skills from the bottom up, outside in and top down
  • Help you make critical choices: balancing expectation with current capabilities
  • Agree on some quick wins
  • Map out a plan of attack

The experience will:

  • Be immersive, exciting and engaging
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Accelerate your thinking towards the cutting edge for your market

With tangible benefits

  • Clarity around how to lead your organisation through its digital transformation journey
  • Deeper understanding of skills and the skills gaps and a plan to address
  • Actionable view on the talent required to be digitally robust for the future
  • Strategic Clarity and an actionable framework to make critical choices

Resulting In

Confidence in your capacity to lead your organisation through the coming digital disruption by accelerating the imperative to adapt, and to seize the opportunities to disrupt by way of focused and effective digital leadership.

To explore your digital leadership journey and plan for a more robust digital future please do get in touch.

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