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Tailored to you and your organisation to help you establish new standards of customer centricity in your organisation’s thinking and actions, to ensure your organisation’s relevance into the future.


1) Bringing the customer into the heart of the organisation is critical, but how well do you understand your audience?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions that will allow us to come to know you better and shape the kick starter:

  • How robust is your existing customer understanding and what are the shortest routes to close any existing knowledge gaps?
  • What informs the way you segment your customers?
  • What assets do your people refer to when developing new products or services to meet customer needs?
  • Are there any initiatives or projects that did not deliver as expected due to a mismatch to customer need?
  • What depth of customer understanding exists in your organisation?
  • How well do your people understand the value of customer centricity in a digital world?

2) The Customer Centricity Workshop

Over a day long workshop we will:

  • Inspire you with examples of the power of customer centricity and create the opportunity and the space for fresh thinking
  • Stakeholder mapping and insight generation around the types of customers we have
  • Bring our customer base to life by facilitating the shaping of a set of persona’s
  • Identify information sources that we can use now and into the future
  • Demonstrate and workshop the thinking and skills required for your team to better identify customer segments and need states
  • Agree on next steps to socialise with stakeholders and leverage data to ratify the work
  • Map out a plan to implement persona’s into the mindset of the business

The experience will:

  • Be immersive, exciting and engaging
  • Challenge your subconscious understanding of your customer base
  • Bring the customer to the centre of your thinking

With tangible benefits

  • Clarity around where to start on the path to a more customer centric organisation
  • Bridge the gap between your assumptions and your customers true need states
  • Understanding of how to create better products and services for your customers
  • A living breathing set of personas that can be used to embed customer centricity within the organisation

Resulting In

The customer being brought closer to the heart of the organisation, with a shared understanding within the business of who the customer is and what motivates them to engage with your products and services. A starting point for conversations, for developing new products and services, and for making more informed and better business decisions.

To start your journey towards a more customer centric organisation please do get in touch.

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