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“Great presentation and discussion”
Claudia Jones, Consultant, Leo Tech Services

Tailored to you and your organisation to help you inspire and lead cultures where creativity and innovation are your fuel for growth.


1) What is preventing you from shifting your perspective to think creatively and innovatively – bigger, better, brighter?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions that will allow us to come to know you better and shape the kick starter:

  • How well are you able to access your intuition when facing difficult decisions?
  • How inspired are your teams? Are they inspired and passionate about what they do?
  • What would be possible if you and your teams were fully fired up creatively?
  • Where do the majority of creative thinking skills and activity live in your organisation?
  • How well equipped are your senior team to embrace creativity as a tool to lead your organisation into a more digital future?
  • Does your strategy include creativity or does creativity exist as an occasionally used tool? Or not at all?
  • How often does work feel like play?

2) The Creative & Innovative Cultures workshop series

A suite of 3 complementary modules, these sessions can be run independently, and work best as a series, during which we will;

  • Shape a tailored program that explores opportunities to enable and accelerate innovative thinking and creativity within your teams.
  • Inspire you with insight around the opportunities that arise from creative thinking and help you to create more space in your organisation to innovate
  • Assess some quick wins in how to free up creativity in your culture
  • Arm you with a selection of tools and frameworks with which to continue practicing creativity and creative problem solving.

Module A. Creative Cultures – how to make your work feel like play

  • Creating a culture that fosters invention, innovation and inspiration; lessons from the leading lights and how to apply them
  • Methodology for motivation – accessing the right mindset within your teams
  • Understanding 10xers, the new digital rock stars – and how to become their employer of choice
  • Making work meaningful, not mundane – how to apply the latest ‘purpose economy’ thinking to your organisation
  • Authentic networking – learn how to leverage every relationship you make for mutual benefit

Module B. Applying Cathedral Thinking and Creative Constraints

  • Combining Macro with Micro for real business gain – Blue sky thinking & Provocative parameters
  • Expanding horizons to embrace the disruption that is part of your future
    Inspiration from the wider landscape – trends, threats and lessons you can learn from your challengers
  • Consult the end result – generating goals that galvanize inherent greatness
  • Questions that unlock potential wins
  • Creative tools that transform problem-solving into play
  • Harnessing your hunches and accessing your inner GPS

Module C. Creative Communication – Connecting with Purpose, Team and Tribe

  • Storytelling 101 – unlocking the power of creativity in the workplace with authentic inspiration
  • Accessing Presence – playful ways to connect with your creativity, explore your senses and find your calm, present centre
  • Embodying inspiration – how to speak, move and connect to maximise communication and presence
  • Empathising with your audience – applying customer centricity to reveal opportunities to create value

To start your journey of creativity and plan for a future of creative cultures please do get in touch.

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