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“Thought provoking and such a fascinating topic and discussion.”
Becks Armstrong, Interim COO, BioBeats

Tailored to you and your organisation so you can better understand the opportunities for you and your organisation in unlocking the next phase of productivity through collaboration:


1) What barriers exist to a more collaborative way of working?

Fact find and chemistry

We explore with you initial questions that will allow us to come to know you better and shape the explorer:

  • How would you describe your current company culture?
  • To what extent do hierarchies nurture or restrict collaboration in your business?
  • How is a culture of collaboration currently led from the top down?
  • How is collaboration rewarded? When is protectionism more relevant?

2) Atmosphere’s Collaborative Working Workshop

Over a day long workshop we will:

  • Inspire with examples where collaboration drives business success
  • Inform with insight around the need for collaboration as a means to unlock productivity
  • Understand silos and the costs of continuing with a protectionist mentality
  • Explore the role of leadership during culture change
  • Examine the impact of environment on collaboration within your organisation
  • Get hands on with a set of tools and techniques you can use to foster a more collaborative culture
  • Map out a plan to introduce new ways of working

The experience will:

  • Be immersive, exciting and engaging
  • Challenge your thinking and allow you to envisage your future workplace culture
  • Lay out first steps towards creating a culture of collaboration in your business

With tangible benefits

  • More effective, engaged, excited teams who know what everybody is doing and why
  • Quicker to start and stop projects through transparency and the breaking down of silos
  • Reduce wasted efforts and missed learnings from across the business
  • Reduce flight of corporate knowledge when talent retires or leaves the business
  • Reduced burden of reporting and a chance to escape a meeting-led culture

Resulting In

An understanding of the value of collaboration and the opportunity for your business with a plan of action to roll out changes in a measured and sustainable way that results in a more collaborative culture.

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