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Program Mentorship and Coaching

Typically, transformational programs set the challenge of creating new and growth initiatives. Driving them forward requires that the leaders of the programs and the catalysts for change positively pursue the gains and effectively achieve the tasks and activities that will realise the wins.

Learning from those that have been there and done that previously as well as the application of coaching style methodologies where we help encourage the leaders in the business to not only find the answers themselves but in the process of doing so increase their ownership and accountability around the outcomes.

Our bespoke programs of coaching and mentoring consider the following areas

Chairing project boards

  • Bringing to the table the experience of leading digital transformation programs
  • Review and accountability checks
  • Alignment and on track interventions
  • Mitigating risks and addressing issues

Peer learning and facilitating teams

  • Forums for peer learning and cross functional enablement
  • Facilitating team interactions
  • Inspiring and motivating

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Bringing out the best in key people
  • Mentoring drawing on been there and done that interventions
  • Helping leaders accelerate through motivational and positive reinforcement

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