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Post-Digital Maturity


Why do you need the Atmosphere Post-Digital Maturity Model business framework?

There is increasing evidence that we are heading into a post-digital world. Depending on how we count it, the digital revolution has been with us for over half a century. As digital tools and behaviours have become ubiquitous, theorists have begun to explore what we might achieve as digital dividends. We see these digital dividends as those business benefits that include increased efficiencies, greater productivity, and more collaborative cultures that lead to more creativity and innovation.

At Atmosphere, we believe this comes down to purpose, as it is enabled citizens that will drive businesses to deliver better value and hold themselves to account.

As Millennials will make up the majority of workforces and many businesses customer bases by 2020 and, as purpose matters to them (73% are willing to pay more for sustainable brands), it matters to your business.

As digital moves into ubiquity the next revolution will be more human, and more about how we leverage our intellectual capital purposefully. Future business needs to understand these dynamics and leverage digital transformation to enable people to connect real purposeful ideas, brands, and products with each other.

In a world where digital is everywhere and everything, how well is your organisation making the most of digital dividends in order to set itself up to be relevant into the future? And in creating value for its audiences with purpose?

Understanding your Post-Digital Maturity

The Atmosphere Post-Digital Maturity Model is a Business Framework to assess how your business can activate its underlying purpose in a tangible way. Far from being dogmatic about purpose, the framework articulates the 4 most common approaches to purpose with related business objectives and key indicators that will both generate quick wins and provoke the change required for the organisation to thrive in the long run.

To test drive Atmosphere’s Post-Digital Maturity Model to find your purposeful edge, please contact us.

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