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“Atmosphere set the bar for our digital opportunity, supporting the team and I to create a compelling vision and clear roadmap to succeed in health and nutrition. Integrating closely with our internal teams and operating as a true partner they achieved hugely fast delivery in a fast moving market whilst creating a digital first culture enabling us to increasingly do it ourselves. A genuine pleasure to work with and our team saw Atmosphere as one of them. Smart, motivated, effective and highly recommended”

Jessica Frame, CEO, NutriCentre

Brief / Objectives

Assess the digital opportunity and position Tesco’s health and wellness business as a market leader


What did we deliver?

  • Customer centric program of engagement
  • Differentiation & tone of voice
  • 360 degree digital strategy and roadmap
  • Re-architecture
  • Roadmaps, resourcing, business case
  • Full P+L responsibility

Results / Outcomes

  • Relaunched the online proposition in 3 pacey months to meet deadline
  • Restructuring for success
  • Meeting significant growth targets

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