Photo by Filip Mishevski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Atmosphere created a brilliant program of activity that helped us think differently. They partnered with us to create plans, testing them and refining them along the way. Entering into a new market is always tough, Atmosphere helped us cut through and gave us ample food for thought so that together we had a clear plan and way forward.”

Christoph Feichtenschlager, Swarovski, Head of Product Innovation

Brief / Objectives

Create new business concepts by assessing new market trends and differentiated audiences and relate these back to Swarovski’s core skills and proposition.

What did we deliver?

  • Ideation sessions and frameworks to concept new propositions
  • Trend and insight analysis
  • Business planning
  • Market testing and validation
  • Strategies and plans for bringing new concepts to market

Results / Outcomes

A range of candidate innovation concepts leveraging digital to drive growth in new business areas

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