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Brief / Objectives

Organise and align various digital activities into a cohesive and market beating strategy that is on vision and reflects business values

What did we deliver?

  • Market, competitor and internal auditing and benchmarking
  • Program of customer centric ideation and value creation involving cross functional teams in shaping a strategic plan for a digital future
  • 3 year vision and supporting roadmap of task led activation
  • Introduction of increasingly agile behaviours and new working methodologies
  • Ongoing role in supporting the delivery and wider organisational change program to put the customer at the heart of plans to build meaningful relationships

Results / Outcomes

  • Stakeholder buy in & clarity across the board and the executive team promoting and socialising the importance of transforming into a more digital business
  • Successful activation via the formation of interdepartmental and cross functional teams promoting new and digitally enabled methods of working across the organisation
  • Ever growing momentum promoting agile behaviours, rapid change and increasingly distributed digital behaviours connecting meaningfully with primary audience segments

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