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“Atmosphere shapes strategy and gives clarity in the digital landscape, I swear they see shapes where the rest of us only see fog”

Muriel Lotto, Marketing Director, Bupa International

Brief / Objectives

Find new ways for the global members of Bupa’s Private Medical Insurance products to engage with the brand encouraging them to recommend the product to their friends and remain loyal.


What did we deliver?

  • Work to review and refine the project scope and appropriately brief the challenge
  • Mentorship, guidance and facilitation of student teams charged with creating concepts to address the brief over a 6-week period
  • Interventions, inspiration and constructive challenge to drive out market beating results
  • Post project activation to help on board ideas into the business, refining and validating to broker their activation

Results / Outcomes

  • High value client engagement with new thinking and ideation process
  • Exposure to new audiences and new dynamics to inform future marketing plans

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