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“Ben and his team helped us really get social. Providing models, tools and ongoing coaching we learnt a lot about how to use digital tools effectively and to more impactfully engage with our audiences.”

Brief / Objectives

  • Develop a strategy for a more transparent and meaningful external conversation between the trust and its stakeholders using social media
  • Create a roadmap of activity
  • Plan for risk mitigation
  • Train and activate internal staff to make realise the strategy

What did we deliver?

  • Opportunity exploration workshop, understanding the context for the trust, resourcing and the potential of being a more meaningful part of the conversation
  • Content, tone of voice, outreach strategy
  • Influencer and advocate outreach strategy
  • Internal activation strategy, involving people with a propensity to share throughout the trust and empowering them to contribute in a meaningful way
  • Ongoing mentoring of communications team against shared roadmap
  • Sponsored involvement representing the trusts innovative approach to social media at the NHS Confederation annual conference (keynote speaking slot)

Results / Outcomes

  • Introduction of social media platforms and growth of these, facebook and twitter
  • Board level commitment to a more transparent and involving future
  • Recognition and activation of internal catalysts
  • Commitment to 12 month plan to progress further measurement, content production and reach objectives of being the leading NHS Trust on social media, cost effectively whilst delivering ROI.

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