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Atmosphere Inspires Edition 021

13 June, 2018 Posted on Sam Colyer

Atmosphere Inspires is our regular curation of news and views from the digital sphere; the lead stories that are affecting you and your business. In this edition we’re looking at how technology is helping us to become green and more sustainable.

Stories catching our attention

Encouraging sustainable tech in the workplace

sustainable work atmosphere inspires

Wouldn’t it be great to see the real benefits of sustainable technology at work? We’re definitely getting there, especially with the development of AI and IoT sensors helping to improve efficiency and productivity. Apparently updating office technology can cut energy consumption by up to 30%: not a statistic to be ignored, and a goal every business should be striving to meet. But even with the most innovative technology in place it will be essential to attain buy-in from employees. Start by increasing employee sustainability engagement.

Why we should look to India for inspiration on sustainability

india green atmosphere inspires

With a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), the Global Compact Network India held its annual flagship event last week. Studies show that India has the will, tech and people power to make its development green and many of these goals will be supported by innovative tech solutions. Sustainability has become an integrated part of Indian culture and includes strong values around recycling and a desire not to waste food, so it's worth considering what India can teach the world about sustainability.

What else is happening?

Can space tech help address sustainability challenges?

space earth atmosphere inspires

Considerable issues, like sustainability, needs far out thinking, and what’s further out than space tech helping to solve sustainability problems here on Earth? The world needs to meet 17 SDG's and Danielle Wood (founder of Space Enabled at MIT Media Lab) says satellites will help play a key part. From providing data on climate change to linking the world through video calls, innovative technology coupled with innovative thinking will be a vital tool in achieving these goals.

Sustainability competition launched using Blockchain

blockchain competition atmosphere inspires

An interesting blockchain based competition has been set by European Innovation Council (EIC) for best sustainable and social initiative. Part of the Horizon 20 programme, it’s great to see potential blockchain opportunities being exploited in such a positive way. As a relatively new concept, the ledger technology has many possibilities still left unexplored, so what’s better than a competition to encourage great thinking which might make us more sustainable and ready for the future?

Sustainable fashion, automation and education

sustainable fashion atmosphere inspires

Ahead of the UN Partnership for Sustainable Fashion in New York next month, the Global Landscapes Forum held a Digital Summit panel. Discussions were held around the relationship between sustainability and automation: it was particularly interesting to hear fashion technologist Amanda Parkes saying that “today’s outcry on the automation takeover is an education problem, not a technology problem”. It's not a surprise that the promise of automation brings about fears of replacement and job loss, but with the right knowledge it's possible to harness tech to work in union alongside it.

AI helps to boost wildlife conservation

animal photos atmosphere inspires

Great little story here; AI driven algorithms to develop a better understanding of wildlife via animal photography. In a world where understanding and preserving wildlife is critically important, algorithms are now able to identify and characterise a whole host of animals to accelerate our understanding of different species. Gaining access to wildlife without disturbing fragile habitats is crucial and it's great to see technology providing opportunities to allow and respect this.

Atmosphere Inspires Edition 021

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