Dealing with disruption If you have any of the following
questions we can help…

The questions we are asked are far more indicative of the
kind of work we do and we happen to love questions, the
harder the better.

  • How can we improve our share of voice?
  • How best to grow reputation and drive sales?
  • What is the role of CRM in a connected world?
  • How can I better engage & empower my people to create growth?
  • How do I embed creativity and innovative thinking at the heart of our business?
  • Can you help me integrate channels more coherently?

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Technology and people strategy

People leaders should be seeking ways for technology to better serve the people strategy and reduce or remove as many perceived layers as possible.
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What we do

We Consult, Coach and Create.

Working with you, we realise the opportunities inherent in the face of increasingly complex markets and digitally empowered customers.

PRODUCT Digital Transformation

Atmosphere’s digital transformation consulting services help you succeed in the face of increasing change led by the acceptance of digital technology. New technology springs up every day, and distributed digital behaviours are here to stay. Millennials connect with brands, products and services in new ways; your brand assets have the potential to become conversations whilst building relationships. Innovative digital products and solutions are taking stripes off existing businesses and their models can quickly feel dated in a world of co-creation, engaged networks of stakeholders and fast fail forward. As a concept, digital transformation talks to the journey from the broadcast world of old to one where internals engage meaningfully with external stakeholders and brands become a product of aggregated exchange and sentiment.
Digital transformation is so much more than an IT deployment; people live at the heart of this journey. Inspired leadership that is prepared to innovate with digital and promote skills that welcome agility and experimentation are the new differentiators that allow businesses to evolve leveraging a rich flow of data and insight.
Digital transformation consulting at Atmosphere builds on our real world experience as digital practitioners and is pitched at helping organisations “get it” – evolving strategy, realising a more digital vision for the future, activating people and driving business improvement to realise digital opportunity.

Explorer Workshop

How clear is your organisation on the digital transformation journey that it will be required to undertake in order to realise the opportunity and protect against the threats that are present in a more connected, agile and digitally enabled future? Our bespoke #digitaltransformation explorer workshop equips business leaders with the knowledge, inspiration and tools to better understand and shape a more digitally robust vision for your organisation.


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